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14" Border Collie Hand Puppet (OUT OF STOCK)

14" Border Collie Hand Puppet (OUT OF STOCK)
14" Border Collie Hand Puppet (OUT OF STOCK)
SKU: 10-050
(OUT OF STOCK) This sweet, happy, 14" (35.56cm) realistic, high quality, Border Collie puppy dog hand puppet is a great addition to any school, church, classroom, daycare, home or theater! Children of all ages will love to watch and learn from this cute soft realistic plush Border Collie puppy dog puppet. Makes a fun, wonderful, educational puppet and a loving stuffed animal best friend for any child! More details...
Price: $14.98
Availability: Currently Out of Stock
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Product Details
HEAD AND ARMS CAN MOVE: His head and arms can move and because this is a full body puppet with feet and a tail you can make him sit, walk, run, etc.! Kids will think he;s a real dog!
EASY TO USE: This adorable hand puppet is easy to use! Just insert your hand up through the bottom of the puppet and put your index and middle fingers into the opening for the head to make the head move. To move the arms, just insert your thumb into the opening for the left arm and your ring and pinky fingers into the opening for the right arm and that's it!
YOU WILL RECEIVE: One 14" (35.56cm) realistic, high quality, plush Border Collie Puppy Dog Hand Puppet with tags,  in a sealed clear polybag!
MEASUREMENTS: 14" (35.56cm)
AGES: For children 3 and up
SHIPPING: We ship to all parts of the USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Internationally!

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